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A Complete Review of Panda Security – 2017

What is Panda Security?

Panda Security is a company that specializes in developing antivirus software. It deals in IT security solutions and technology to prevent and protect against cybercrime.

What is the background of Panda Security?

Panda Security is a private Spanish company headquartered in Bilbao and Madrid, Spain. The company works in the computer software industry and was founded in 1990 by Mikel Urizarbarrena. Its present CEO is Diego Navarrete .

What products are offered by Panda Security?

Panda Security offers Antivirus, firewall protection, Spam and spyware detection, and Security and management tools.

What technology is used by Panda Security?

TruPrevent was introduced in 2003. It is a set of technologies and tools developed by Panda Security to provide proactive security and protection to computers used for home and corporate purposes. This technology is in contrast to traditional antivirus products providing for reactive protection. TruPrevent Technologies offers the most modern software for defense against the techniques most new malware exhibit. Under TruPrevent, a new security model was launched in 2007, which was called “Collective Intelligence”.Collective Intelligence automatically detects, scans and classifies malware in real time.

Adaptive Defense- Adaptive Defense is a new concept, which is a security model which uses technology based on behavior processes. The Adaptive Defense solution is different from the traditional security model because it is based on blacklists and white lists. This system is very advanced. The technology is based on the principles of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. This helps in monitoring, classifying, and analyzing all running processes. It ensures the fastest and most active detection of advanced threats and strange behaviors to provide response and remediation.

Who can use Panda Security’s cyber safety products?


  • Home users
  • Business owners
  • Tailor-made Antivirus protection for small businesses and freelancers.

What products are offered to home users?

Panda Safe Web- Is a safe browser which provides defense against malware online. It automatically blocks dangerous and harmful sites you might visit. It even classifies your search results in gradations of security levels. It helps in blocking tracking sites gaining access to your web searches. Panda Safe Web has the following system requirements:

Windows(Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7,Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 10)

  •  Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher
  •  Firefox 32.0 or higher
  •  Chrome 45 or higher

Panda Cloud Cleaner- Panda Cloud Cleaner is a disinfection tool that performs an advanced deep scan based on the Panda Security’s collective intelligence (cloud scan) technology to remove malware. It can locate viruses that traditional antivirus programs cannot detect. There are four types of Panda Cloud Cleaner:


  1.  Panda Cloud Cleaner (For an infected computer that starts)
  2.  Panda Cloud Cleaner Portable(Portable version, no installer for advanced users, for infected computers that start but cannot run executable files)
  3.  Panda Cloud Cleaner USB scan( For infected computers that won’t boot)
  4.  Panda Cloud Cleaner Rescue ISO(For infected computers that won’t boot, advanced users)


Panda Antivirus for Mac- Antivirus software is for users that own a Mac, to protect them from malware in real time. It can also be used to scan iPhones, iPads and an iPod. It detects and blocks both Mac OS X and Windows. It scans files and emails, and after detection, quarantines infected files. It offers two kinds of scans: a real-time scan that continuously keeps analyzing Mac files whenever you use the device, and another that performs monthly scans on demand.

Panda Mobile Security- Antivirus protection for mobile devices, tablets and smartwatches. It helps in performance optimization of your device. You can track, control and lock your device remotely using Panda Mobile Security. Has a “Remote Selfie” feature which can be used to take photos through your smartwatch with your smartphone or tablet.

Panda Antivirus for Windows- Antivirus programs for PCs with Windows as there OS. Panda Antivirus for Windows is available in four different packages: Basic Protection, Advanced Protection, Complete protection, and Premium Protection.


What Panda Security products are available to business users? 

Endpoint Protection– Endpoint Protection offers centralized protection to Windows, Mac and Linux workstations, including laptops, smartphones and other virtualization systems on a corporate network.You can remotely monitor and regulate all devices on the network. It offers Profile-based security to suit the protection needs of different users.It also has Device control to block peripheral devices (USB drives and modems, webcams, DVD/CD, etc.) with whitelists and control actions (access, read, write).

Systems Management– Systems Management helps in managing a company’s IT infrastructure. It ensures the security of service through encrypted connections between the devices and the server of your company. It integrates the control and management of mobile devices in a single tool. Password-based security and remote wiping prevents data loss on stolen devices. You can also find lost or stolen devices and control the apps installed on each device through System management.

Fusion provides protection, management and remote support to all the devices in your network. This includes smartphones and tablets. It has a real-time device inventory to control and monitor CPU and memory usage, disk space, services, etc. on corporate network devices. You can also see performance graphs, software, and hardware change logs.

Gatedefender is Panda security’s perimeter protection program for corporate networks.It filters and prevents entry of malware through Web browsing, mail traffic, Wi-Fi connections, and protection of Web servers published on the Internet. It has an intrusion detection system to detect inbound and outbound traffic, and network packets.


How does Panda Security cater to special needs for small business management?

Panda Security lists a product called SOHO to cater to customization for small business management. It makes specialized ANTIVIRUS protection for small businesses and freelancers at affordable prices. It designs lightweight antivirus software for both new and old PCs. It does not need technical support for installation and maintenance. SOHO disinfects and helps you recover your PC from threats or malware from the Internet and external sources such as emails, USB drives, memory cards, etc.Real time protection is offered through cloud. It also provides protection to your business’s WiFi through a bi-directional firewall.


What is the cost of Panda Security products? 

  • Panda Safe Web- Free download
  • Panda Cloud Cleaner- Free download
  • Panda Cloud Cleaner Portable- Free Download
  • Panda Cloud Cleaner USB Scan- Free download
  • Panda Cloud Cleaner Rescue ISO- Free Download
  • Panda Antivirus for Mac- $72.85/ year
  • Panda Mobile Security- $2.17/year
  • Panda Antivirus for Windows- Basic: $13.33/year, Advanced- $16.42/year, Complete- $22.98/year, Premium- $32.17/year
  • Endpoint Protection- $70.50/year
  • Systems Management- $55.56/year
  • Fusion-$103.38/year
  • Small Business Protection(SOHO)- $10.19/ year for each device


What are the features of Panda Security Antivirus protection products?

  • Protection against spyware– Privacy protection by preventing spyware from being installed on your computer and blocking tracking sites.
  • Protection against unknown threats– Panda’s TruPrevent gives real time protection always.
  • Protection against all types of malware– Protection from viruses, hacking tools, jokes, dangerous cookies, etc.
  • Safe browsing– Keeps you safe from malware by blocking their entry while you are on the internet. It provides for a safe and sound virtual environment on your system independently.
  • Multimedia/gaming mode– Keeps your PC protected in the background while you are gaming.
  • USB Vaccine– You can stop executable files on peripheral devices from running automatically.
  • Firewall protection– Prevents intrusive viruses, hackers and other malware from entering through internet.
  • Protection against vulnerabilities– Provides production if there are protection loopholes in any application software.
  • Services– Regular updates on your product, renewal, stellar technical support


How is Panda Security’s customer support?

Panda Security has a reliable customer support. You can access its website for online tech support. Panda Security also provides technicians on request to assist you with your problems regarding your Panda product. Additionally, Panda Security has a 24×7 toll free customer service helpline. Panda’s website, , also has an online forum for technical assistance.


How can you get a free trial of Panda Security’s products?

To obtain a free trial of Panda Security’s product, all you have to do is create an account on their website, or log in if you already have an account. You can also renew your product through your online account. Your account helps you view and manage the services and products that you purchase. The account helps you manage your protection, updates and services from any device and any place. It lets you check your activation code and your Panda protected devices any time you want. The account has an Anti-Theft module that helps you find devices if they get lost or stolen. Through your account you can activate and deactivate your subscriptions whenever you want.The account puts you in the assistance of Panda’s Technical Support Team for 24×7 online assistance. You also get a chance to earn extra protection features for free if you invite friends to protect themselves with Panda Security products.


Pros of Panda Security

  1. Panda Internet Security has the provision of a safe browser.
  2. User interface is appealing and easy to use
  3. Provides protection for WiFi network
  4. Takes up low storage space.
  5. Affordable pricing annually.
  6. Provision of PC recovery tools
  7. Collective intelligence


Cons of Panda Security


  1. Panda Internet Security does not offer tools required for social media security
  2. Slow scans, and depends on internet connectivity


Are Panda Security products worth spending for a dependable malware protection for your PC?


Panda Security offers free virus scanner to the top-of-the-line Gold Protection package, along with a lot of desirable features for free. Among basic security packages, Panda’s Antivirus Pro program is one of the best. Moreover, it has a virtual keyboard, two-way firewall and a Wi-Fi network scanner. Panda’s antivirus protection is the same for all its Windows antivirus packages.

The protection provides traditional viral-signature matching that compares new data and files to a large database of already known malware in the company’s native scanning engine. “Heuristic” monitoring provides backup to this and helps in catching “zero-day” and shape-shifting malware by analyzing its behavior and code.

Panda Security’s over 30 million customers contribute suspect malware to Panda’s cloud-based Collective Intelligence. In this cloud system the suspected malware data is analyzed. This is compulsory and a user cannot opt out of it. Besides the scanning going on in the background at all times, one can manually initiate a full scan of their PC or network.

Critical Scan is also available. These scans can be scheduled on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Panda also scans every peripheral device connected to your system. There is a provision to ‘vaccinate’  the thumb drive so that executable files don’t run automatically.

Though Panda’s whole range is Collective Intelligence supported, lightweight and with many important and useful features, the shared malware detection engine among them causes a heavy system performance impact. The pricier product varieties of Panda Security may seem an extravagant choice with less value for money against comparative equals.

Further, most Panda Security suites try to change browser and search engine settings. And in contrast to Panda’s real time antivirus protection, Panda’s ability to detect and remove finance can be really slow. This can be a huge reason for choosing against Panda security products.




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