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  • Do I need more than one antivirus program?

    Do I need more than one antivirus program?

    Sometimes it’s easy to forget just how quickly and thoroughly malware or a computer virus can take over your computer and wreak havoc.  And those despicable people who create them are…

  • The Best Free Antivirus Programs

    The Best Free Antivirus Programs

    There is no debating the fact that you need antivirus protection on your computer. Without it you risk picking up a virus, malware, or other unwanted software on your device. But…

  • All about Malwarebytes

    All about Malwarebytes

    Do a search for effective antivirus protection, and chances are you’ll run across someone discussing Malwarebytes. This is because it’s a very popular malware fighter, and it’s extremely effective. Millions of…

  • What is CCleaner?

    What is CCleaner?

    If you’ve done even a small amount of research, chances are you’ve heard about CCleaner. It’s very widely recommended both online and offline. You may be asking yourself, should you use…

  • Why is my computer running so slowly

    Why is my computer running so slowly

    Have you noticed your computer is running more slowly than usual? This isn’t an inevitable part of computer ownership. Let’s look at some reasons why your computer might be slowing down,…

  • The best anti-virus programs

    The best anti-virus programs

    Let’s face it, it is of the utmost importance that you have good anti-virus protection on your computer or tablet. The web is fraught with all sorts of threats, from viruses…

  • Google Redirect Virus Removal

    Google Redirect Virus Removal

    Have you ever noticed your web browser redirect to what looks like Google’s home page? If so you might have the Google redirect virus. This article will tell you how to…

  • 2016’s Best Antivirus Programs

    2016’s Best Antivirus Programs

    How To Protect Your Computer with Antivirus Software Most PC users are aware of the risk of viruses on their computers. But what can a PC user do to get rid of…